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AeroFodder was founded  by Propel’s partners in 2017 and is a Canadian agriculture producer focused on sustainable crop production through controlled environment agriculture and aeroponic technology. With current operations in British Columbia in collaboration with one of the largest dairy farmers in Canada, AeroFodder plans to take this tested, highly efficient technology across the country, including to cold climate environments not traditionally well known for crop growing. AeroFodder signifies a sustainable way to increase year-round food security in all climates.


BTF Blockchain was founded by Propel’s partners in 2018 and is a cryptocurrency mining company focused on unlocking value from distributed gas and power assets. With current operations in Alberta, BTF Blockchain has created a solution for producers' excess natural gas by converting it to on-site power and co-locating mining equipment in distributed locations.​ It was created to support companies with stranded or low-value assets by locking into long-term purchase agreements for gas and/or power.​

BTF Blockchain Logo_blue.png
EarthRenew Logo_Blue.png


EarthRenew is a fertilizer company focused on selling high value concentrated organic fertilizer from animal manure and providing an environmentally friendly waste management solution for high intensity livestock farming. EarthRenew owns a fertilizer facility that is co-located with a feedlot in Alberta.


Rocky Mountain Shrimp Farms was founded by Propel’s partners in 2017 and is focused on growing and selling fresh and live pacific white shrimp. With current operations in Alberta, Rocky Mountain Shrimp Farm has a land-based aquaculture system that uses no chemicals, hormones or antibiotics to grow shrimp.

Rocky Mtn Shrimp Farm Logo_Blue.png
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Epoch was co-founded by one of Propel’s partners in 2016 and is a renewable energy company focused on the economic development, production and sale of heat and power from geothermal and low-carbon resources. With current projects in Alberta and Saskatechewan, Epoch focuses on providing holistic power, heat, water and food supply solutions.

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