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Our aim, through business development and project execution, is to solve problems and issues that fall under 3 verticals:


We have a rapidly growing global population, expected to reach 9.7 billion by the year 2050. By 2035, we're going to need to grow as much food as the past 8,000 years combined- every year. Many countries, including Canada, are net food importers and are dependent upon the majority of our food supply from outside our borders. With a changing climate and increasing risk of food supply disruptions from natural disasters, populations are becoming more and more vulnerable. Our goal is to address food security and help populations establish independence regarding their food supply through our businesses.

Energy Systems

The same growing populations that requires food are also increasing their demand for power. Conventional large-scale, centralized electricity generation is inherently risky as power is transported large distances and service large populations. Moving toward localized power generation that focuses on low-carbon and renewable resources will strengthen the grid and lessen the environmental effects. Our goal is to support community and populations by using energy by -products in food systems and industrial process through our businesses.


The age of our population and the advances of technology are creating many new opportunity for healthcare-based businesses. As our population ages, there will new opportunities to improve the way healthcare solutions are delivered to patients. Our goal is to support the digitalization and infrastructure developments of our healthcare system outside of traditional government programs through our businesses.

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