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Propel Ventures is made up of a team of individuals with diverse and complimentary backgrounds that each strengthen the foundation the company thrives on. 

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Keith Driver


Keith Driver is an experienced developer and entrepreneur in the sustainable solutions space. He has an MBA focused on Sustainability from the University of Calgary, Masters in Engineering from University of Guelph and is a registered P.Eng.


Notable projects include developing the largest sea bass farm in North America and founding Alberta’s first commercial shrimp farm. Keith also acts as the Chief Operating Officer for a large-scale insect farm with operations in Alberta and BC.

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T.M. Gunderson


T.M. Gunderson is an experienced entrepreneur in the food security and energy security spaces. He has a M.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Alberta and is a registered CPA and P.Eng.


Notable projects including founding Alberta’s first commercial shrimp farm, an engineering consulting company and an aeroponics food production company. TM also acts as the CFO to a geothermal energy company with projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Pete MacLeod


Pete is an experienced entrepreneur in the energy systems and healthcare spaces. He holds an MBA from Ivey Business School.


Notable projects include founding a telemedicine platform and developing an emissions quantification platform. He previously worked at a boutique investment bank.

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Chris Wiersma


Chris is an experienced specialist in entrepreneurship, engagement and organizational development. He holds an MA in psychology from Harvard University.


Notable projects include developing executive training and new organization processes for one of the largest aquaculture companies.


Matt Bradley


Matt is an experienced project developer in the alternative agriculture spaces. He holds an HBA from the Ivey Business School.


Notable projects include managing the development of the first commercial shrimp farm in Alberta, and an aeroponics facility in BC.

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